Frida "Kakan" Halvars


Friendship is something that is hard to find in this life, 7 years ago I met Frida.

We were in the same class in school, but it was not given that we would be friends from the start. She hung out with people I didn't know and she perceived as a sassy girl with lots of attitude.


Then one day she opens the door to the elevator I was standing in, took a step towards me and said:

-Are you Rebecka Aspelin?

With a trembling voice, I got out a silent


I was surprised when she stretched out her hand and introduced herself. She told me that she knew my brother.


From this first moment, I knew she was special, with all her crazy fashion choices, all different styles and hair styles that she got the idea to try out. And I was right then, she was special.

A happy and lively girl who saw the world as an amusement park and she wanted to ride all the attractions.


With Frida there ware no such thing as a boring moment, as she always came up with spontaneous and perhaps not always the best ideas.


Now, not a day passes without me thinking of her and all the fun experiences we had and all the memories we created together.


Frida was not just a nice girl, she was also my friend, your friend, a daughter and a fantastic mother to a wonderful little girl.


I wish I had the chance to tell her how much she and our friendship meant to me over the years, but it will probably be a long while before we meet again. Until then, Frida always have a special place in my heart.


Rest in peace dear friend, I miss you a lot!


Rebecka Aspelin