In memory of my daughter

Frida Halvars


★ December 20 1991

April 25 2015

Frida only became 23 years old. No one's life should be that short. Still, she made an impression in me filled with love and I will miss her so long as I live.

She saw a bright future coming and she had plans. For herself and for her daughter Stella, who was born in June 2013. My grandchild.

Frida was one of my life's great miracles and too few had the privilege of getting to know her before that day in April 2015 when everything changed, turned into chaos and then into infinite sorrow.

Since that day, Stella has no mother.

I want to help Stella forward and also honor Frida's memory. Maybe you want that too?

Any contribution or purchase of this song that I wrote for her funeral, as my last farewell, will go to honor and preserve Frida's memory, and to help her daughter Stella to have a little better life in the future.

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